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Education and Community

Educational Mission

La Jolla Music Society Education & Community Engagement Programs strive to bring the live experience of great classical music, dance, and jazz to the students of San Diego County; to nurture the development of young performers; and to enrich the concert-going experience.

Community Music Center
Elementary Music Education ProgramsPlaying Music for the First Time

La Jolla Music Society believes that a child’s first experience in making music will be a life-changing endeavor. The Community Music Center puts instruments into the hands of children and offers beginning musical instruction and performance opportunities on a variety of instruments.

Artist Development Program
Artist Development ProgramOpportunities and Guidance for Emerging Artists"

La Jolla Music Society’s Artist Development Program provides professional opportunities for young artists through Coaching Workshops, Master Classes, Musical Preludes, Fellowship Artist program and our special partnership with the San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory.

Community Engagement Program
Community Engagement ProgramBringing Music to the Community

La Jolla Music Society continues its tradition of bringing artists to area schools and community centers, giving valuable opportunities to those who cannot regularly attend concerts.

Concert Ticket Program
Concert Ticket ProgramSharing the Music

Hundreds of students enjoy their first encounter with live music through discounted or complimentary tickets from La Jolla Music Society.

Audience Education Program
Audience Education ProgramEnhancing the Concert Experience

Recognizing that learning about music is a life-long endeavor, La Jolla Music Society offers pre-concert lectures, guided open rehearsals and public encounters designed to illuminate the artistic process.

Educational Partnerships

Educational PartnershipsLa Jolla Music Society partners with outstanding local organizations to support the mission of its Education and Community Engagement Programs. Collaborations with school districts, individual schools and other arts organizations allow us to offer greater opportunities to young musicians in San Diego.

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