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REVIEW: 'Creation' comes to life at Balboa

UT San Diego
By James Chute
April 4, 2014

Something wonderful happened at Friday’s La Jolla Music Society concert at the Balboa Theatre: an opera broke out.

In fact, it was an oratorio, Haydn’s “The Creation,” stylishly performed by British conductor Jane Glover and the Chicago-based Music of the Baroque.

But “The Creation,” which may be the greatest story ever told, starting with “In the beginning” and wrapping up two-and-a-half hours later with Adam and Eve in a state of bliss, out operas many operas.

Of course we know the ending (the fall is only briefly hinted at, as Haydn keeps everything consistently upbeat), but especially with the stellar solo trio of soprano Elizabeth Futral, tenor Nicholas Phan and bass-baritone Christopheren Nomura, there was plenty of subtle drama as all three singers were unusually attentive to the nuances of the text.

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Roster set for SummerFest 2014

UT San Diego
By Jim Chute
March 8, 2014

During his 14th season as music director of SummerFest, Cho-Liang “Jimmy” Lin has had a singular mission: “The goal of every summer remains largely unchanged since Day One,” said Lin in an email. “I want to bring to the audience great and worthy works played by great musicians.”

The just-announced 2014 season should succeed on both counts. The repertoire is wide ranging, from Haydn (this year’s featured composer) to world premieres by Howard Shore and Sérgio Assad.

It will comprise 15 concerts, including performances at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, St. James by-the-Sea and the Auditorium at TSRI. It will introduce audiences to two accomplished “fellowship artist” ensembles, the Pegasus Trio and the Omer Quartet, in addition to appearances by musicians of the stature of pianist Yefim Bronfman and cellist Lynn Harrell.

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